9 Great Towel Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom


Bathroom towel storage is important. Towels certainly are a must-have for your toilet, but storage options can be somewhat difficult, particularly when you are tight on space. Wel will give you several solutions to assist in keeping your bathroom towels prepared and conveniently stored.

While there is a wide range of restroom cabinetry and shelving, at times the most helpful ways to preserve bath towels well put together involves using things that usually are not always suitable for the lavatory. Try out a few of these ingenious storage tips.

Towel Storage Ideas


Baskets will always be a perfect fit for the restroom because they are versatile and practically fit anywhere. Put towels in a nice vintage straw basket for the ultimate look, then place the basket with the towels either under the sink, by the bath or any other place which you find fitting.

hanging towel storage

If you are small about floor place, you can hang the baskets up on the wall.


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With no much floor space for you to spare, consider a storage shelf in which soars top to bottom rather than is situated width wise. Although it is not particularly for bathrooms, a new wall spinal column bookcase is great for flattened as well as thrown bathroom towels and can impart a classy yet unanticipated touch into the space.


Any wine beverage holder is another unexpected yet highly functional storage answer. Select a stand which has a lower profile, as well as roll your current shower towels to fit as many as you can tightly into each square.

Alternatively, pick a hanging wine beverage stand for an artsy option. If you’re really tight on space, you can even hang the wine rack outside, next to your bathroom front door.


A step ladder provides a sensational effect for your layout place. Flattened towels on steps, or even dangle bath towels over the rungs of a ladder inclined contrary to the wall membrane. This is another way to utilize vertical areas without cluttering your floor.


When you’re trying to find a storage alternative for the bathroom, it could be tempting to check toilet cupboards, but sometimes it’s better to think outside the box.

A smaller cupboard or perhaps credenza designed for a cooking area or bedroom typically functions equally efficiently for the bathroom. Should you have only a little area, use your cupboard with regard to secondary shower towels or other toiletries rather than the bigger towels.


Old school dog crates tend to be an additional ingenious method to store bathroom towels, and you will be able to effortlessly organize and stack your towels in them. Additionally, you can easily hang these crates on your wall for a special look.


With just a fresh new coat of paint, you can repurpose outdated dog crates to fit the actual decoration of your toilet area, additionally, you can purchase dog crates designed for holding magazines and other products.


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A modern-day journal stand doesn’t just hold publications. Attempt storing your bathroom towels and also inserting all of your bathroom accessories within the tray for a seamless look that’s modern-day and extremely special.


Floating racks can be hanged almost everywhere, from underneath an open kitchen sink to over a bathroom or alongside a bathroom mirror. Place these kinds of cabinets strategically in your place for additional towel storage. If you do not much like the look of shower towels sitting down freely, you’ll be able to conceal all of them inside baskets or other storage bins on the shelves.


If you have the area, a new rolling cart is a superb strategy to keep bath towels along with other restroom necessities, also it moves easily, helping to make redecorating, organizing and cleaning easy. Again, you don’t only have to find something suitable for the toilet.

Any club cart gives storage area suitable for bathroom towels, whilst any kitchen cart typically has a shelf that works just as well for towel storage.

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