6 Great Basement Ideas That Are Exciting!


Too often, people who are blessed with basements do not realize what an incredible space they have to create a very special room. You have an incredible amount of space and the sky’s the limit for what you can do with it.

Create A Home Office:

Add some really good lighting, sturdy workable furniture, including a desk, bring in plants to add a welcoming touch and create an excellent home office environment. You want to install cable and WiFi for your computer and other essential equipment.

Many basements have an outside entrance to the area so you might just consider setting up your own home office business. With the right choices in décor and design, you could open up a computer/cafe place for people to come by, order Java, and search the internet.

Before starting a home business, please look into your local zoning codes related to a small business before flinging your doors open to the public.

Consider A Guest Room Or Suite:

Your home might have 2 or 3 bedrooms but none are available for family or friends visiting from out-of-town. Your basement could be an excellent place to turn it into a welcoming guest facility for visitors. As basements have a great deal of room, you can install a kitchen area, a bathroom, a beautifully laid out living room, while adding value to your home!

You might even consider renting out this area to make some extra money that will also pay for your renovations. Take your time and evaluate the basement area and then start renovating and hire professionals to install your plumbing, unless you are very handy in this area.

Once the renovations are completed, shop around for stoves, refrigerators, and maybe a microwave. If you have a color scheme, you will find many appliances that will match your designing. If the kitchen area is a good size, consider adding an island with some colorful stools for enjoying meals or snacks.

Create A Family Game Room:

For more years than you might think, people have been turning their basements into areas for entertainment and gaming. Pool tables, shuffleboards, ping pong tables, and even for Saturday night poker games. You can set an area aside for your kids to watch television, play games, and bring in seating that is comfortable and not easy to destruct such as bean bag chairs!

Want more ideas for basement games? You might want to look into the many different designs of Ping Pong Tables that can also serve as surfaces for other games. These tables are multi-functional with removable tops so you can get right on with an active game of ping-pong with friends and family! As they all come in different materials and colors, shop around to find what works best with your décor.

A Place For The Wine Connoisseur:

Basements have always been the ideal place to set up a wine cellar. Unlike days gone by, these basements are now super modern, have excellent lighting fixtures, some glass walls for easy selection of wines, and even fabulous floating displays.

Create His & Hers & Kids Closets:

Need more room for all your stuff? Why not create some closets to store winter clothes during the summer and summer clothes during the winter? Have footlockers to store your kids’ sports equipment or other stuff that take up space in their bedrooms.

Maybe you want to get rid of boxes and store your Christmas decorations or other holiday cheer in a closet. Add good lighting to turn that dark place into a pleasant space. Just make sure you protect your closet spaces from outdoor critters that will wonder yonder!

Your Own Home Theater:

With all the technology available, today, along with video streaming, you can very easily set up your own home theater. Renovate your basement with comfortable seating arrangements, wall sconces for accent lighting, and even your own popcorn machine! Install a huge big-screen television and bring in a portable projector. Create this space into something everyone, from your kids to your friends, will truly love!

If you have a basement that you never gave any thought to, maybe you should! You are missing out on an incredible area that can be turned into a great place for entertaining, relaxing, or even starting your own home business! Think about it, you might actually be quite surprised what you can come up with!